WordPress 2.5 upgrade

I upgraded today to new WordPress 2.5 from my old version 2.3.3. The update went painless although I use a lot of plugins and took just around half an hour to complete. I recommend using the Automatic Upgrade plugin which should save you a lot of trouble.

I have also updated my plugins, SEO Friendly Images, Theme Test Drive and Smart YouTube to new WP 2.5 design. Frankly I do not fancy it a lot, somehow I got used to the old one, specially the dashboard but time will tell. All plugins seem to work fine, as well as the Amazing Grace theme.

New WordPress brings some new things some obvious like automatic upgrade of plugins, some less obvious like inclusion of pages to default search, all in all an expected progress in the right direction. I am only a little bit disappointed by the admin panel design but this should give boost to independent designers to try their skills with the admin panel design too.

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  1. Jul 6th, 2008 1:26 PM

    I need to rename images of posts with title name, and that it go also on wp 2.5.1 and will be with wp 2.6 ?

  2. Nvs
    Jun 18th, 2008 6:44 PM

    I´m kind of new to blogging, but once i found your website, i realized that i could get some nice info from it. This may seem like a stupid question but i need to ask it afterall. How did you upgraded your wordpress?? I use the wordpress website ( http://www.wordpress.com ) to log into my blog and create posts, edit stuff, etc. Is there an application that you can install on your computer, to log on your blog as admin, and do your stuff, without logging to wordpress.com??