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SEO Smart Links is installed in the usual WordPress plugin way. For more information on installing WordPress plugins click here.

Before activating the plugin make sure to deactivate SEO Smart Links free edition (if you were using it).

Upon activation, SEO Smart Links Premium will import all options from the free edition of the plugin. Note that there was a change in the custom keywords format.


SEO Smart Links comes  with default options for interlinking your site content set out of the box.

Processing options

In the first set of options you can choose what do you want SEO Smart Links to process, searching for suitable phrases to link. If you deselect both posts and pages SEO Smart Links will do nothing and it would be almost the same as deactivating the plugin.

Allow post autolinking to itself means that an automatic link created in the post is allowed to link back to the same post.

You can also specify to process only posts and pages that are older than a given number of days.

Note that SEO Smart Links will never permanently change the content in the database. The plugin does everything on-the-fly while the post is being displayed, meaning that when you deactivate the plugin all changes are undone.

Automatic interlinking

This is where you select targets for automatic links.

Posts are most commonly linked to. By default the plugin will search the content of your article to match it with the titles (an exact match) of older articles you have on site. If it finds one, it will automatically link the phrase it found to the older article you have. You can also specify that you want only posts belonging to the same category linked.

Check post slug match instructs plugin to basically try harder and try to find a phrase same as a target post slug (which can consist of different keywords than post title).

Other targets for the plugin can be pages, categories or tags. Useful option for categories and tags is to specify how many times that terms has to be used in order to be considered for linking.

If you have a tag named ‘charlie brown’ and you set “link only if taxonomy has been used” option to 2 times, SEO Smart Links will link text ‘charlie brown’ in your posts to the tag archive page for ‘charlie brown’ only if the tag has been used at least two times on your articles.

If you do not want to use automatic interlinking and just work with custom keywords, you should disable all options here.

If you use WordPress 3.0 custom taxonomies, they will be displayed here as well.

Misc. Options

Process only singe posts and pages

This option instructs SEO Smart Links not to process content on your home page or archive pages. It is recommended to leave this option turned on.

Check limit

Used for automatic interlinking, specifies how many articles and based on what criteria will be checked for autolinking.

Since all processing is done on-the-fly, this can be resource intensive and this option directly controls the performance.

Check limit of 500 means that 500 posts/categories/tags will be checked as a potential target. You can select what 500 with two other options.

Default is Post title length and Ascending which means that of all posts in the blog (if there are more than 500), only 500 with the shortest title will be considered as targets. Reasoning is that the shorter the title the greater the possibility it will be matched in a post.

Process RSS feeds

Allows you to process your RSS feeds as well.

Case sensitive matching

By default SEO Smart Links is case-insensitive but you can check this option if you want to have exact case matches.

Disable WordPress Texturization

The purpose of this option is to stop the wptexturize filter from running on your content. This sometimes annoying default WP function changes your content by converting some characters to what it thinks they should be represented with. You can try this function if you have problem with SEO Smart Links recognizing some character codes.

Enable UTF8 Support

This option enabled UTF8 matching, which allows the plugin to work well with blogs in foreign languages with non-english characters. Note: SEO Smart Links relies on UTF8 support libraries from your server and if you get empty page with content after activating this option, then your server does not support UTF8 matching.

Override options per post

If you need to override options per post level then you can turn on this option. It will add a new panel in your write post screen.

The panel comes up with few options that will override the global settings. For example you can instruct SEO Smart Links not to process this post at all, or to prevent all links to this post.

Post keywords is used for automatic interlinking and it allows you to specify other keywords (in addition to the post title) that you want to be associated with this post.

Custom keywords allows you to specify a separate set of custom keywords for this post and if you want to override the global custom keyword list or to add to it.

Link template

Allows you to specify the default link template that SEO Smart Links will use when creating new links. HTML is supported so you can add any HTML/CSS code to it. You can use three predefined variables in the template:

  • {keyword} will be replaced by the anchor text of the link
  • {url} will be replaced by the destination URL of the link
  • {description} will be replaced by destination post excerpt or taxonomy description

Example link template: <a title=”{description}” href=”{url}”>{keyword}</a>

Ignore Posts and Pages

Allows you to specify list of posts and pages you want to be excluded from any processing. Allows you to specify the pages by either their slug (‘contact’), ID (’74’) or title (‘Contact us’).

Ignore Keywords

Tells SEO Smart Links which keywords it should never use for linking even if they are matched by other rules. So if you do not want the word ‘about’ to be linked every time to your about page you would enter it here.


Limits are used control the number and type of links created by SEO Smart Links.

Maximum created links controls the maximum number of links the plugin can create both for automatic and custom keyword links. Default is 3 (this means that the plugin will create up to three links on the page maximum).

Maximum Total Links on page is helpful when you want to limit the total number of links per page as it also counts the original links that existed before. For example if there are 4 original links on the page, and you set this option to 5, SEO Smart Links is allowed then to create a maximum of one additional link. Default is 0 (no limit).

Maximum same target controls how many links with the same destination URL can be created. Default is 1.

External links

This option allows you to add nofollow attribute to all external links on the page. You can also specify a list of domains that you want excluded (for example your own sites). When specifying domains, use just the domain name without http://.

Redirection support

SEO Smart Links provides easy to use redirection support for custom keywords. Using this option you can specify the base path for redirection URLs. Default is ‘go’ meaning the redirection link would be formed as

In order to activate redirection for keywords you need to specify redirection keyword at the end of your custom keyword setting. For example
lincoln coin, lincoln piece|| lincoln
would link any occurrence of “lincoln coin” or “lincoln piece” through redirection URL “/go/lincoln” to URL “”

Caching (business version only)

When parsing your content, SEO Smart Links will have to parse a number of posts and taxonomies (depending on the Check limit option) in order to find matches. For larger site this may require additional resource usage. An advanced internal caching mechanism comes to help where everything is checked only once and subsequent calls will use the cached data. This caching mechanism works well with popular WordPress caches like WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache.

This cache is automatically cleared after one day (default option, can be changed), when the post is edited or when SEO Smart Links options are saved.

Custom Keywords

This screen allows you to define  your own keywords and target URLs. The custom keywords will be search for by SEO Smart Links in your content and linked to the target URL in the order they are created.

Default format for custom keywords is

one or more keywords separated by comma | one or more URL’s separated by comma | redirection keyword (optional)

One of the cool features of the custom keyword screen in the premium version is the visual keyword editor which you can use to add, search, edit, reorder or delete your keywords.

Prevent duplicate links for grouped keywords options allows you to specify whether you want just one link created for all keywords in the same group (line) even though two or more keywords may be matched.

Automatically check plural form instructs SEO Smart Links to use a generic rule (that is correct most of the time) to create plural form of the words you entered so you do not have to enter both the singular and plural form into the list.

If you specify two or more URLs for your custom keyword, SEO Smart Links will pick one by random.


Statistics are another feature of the Business version that provide useful insights of how and where are the links generated.

Default view are statistics per post title, which tells you how many links per each post has been generated.

Second type of statistics is per keyword, which will show many links with the given keyword are generated.

And the third type is per link URL.

In all three types of statistics, clicking any record will bring up the detailed stats for that entry. For example clicking on a post title will get us statistics for that post – in the example below we see there are three links created and we can see their keywords and destination URLs.

Import/Export configuration

This screen allows you to easily import/export your entire configuration or just the list of custom keywords.
Custom keywords are exported and read from a CSV file, so you can edit them in Excel or any other spreadsheet.

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