Busy as a Bee

Two weeks passed since my last post. And I haven't been traveling, enjoying sports or any type of hedonism. I've been busy like a bee with work. Sounds familiar? All too familiar?

I have a strong feeling that this is a period that will pass. That I have to somehow withstand only this one killer year of setting my own business straight and after that everything will be fine and relaxing. I am wondering if that is really true. The work seems to accumulate at an amazing pace.

First of all I have been working with some wonderful people regarding my WordPress services. I've been using Skype for communication and everything went really smooth. I really enjoy working with WordPress, and know it's soul rather well. I use that knowledge to shape it anyway imaginable. WordPress is really powerful. It is the future, I am telling you. I've been also doing some corporate work, using WordPress as well. The site is turning out really nicely, with advanced usage of jQuery, Google maps and all the fancy new tech.

I've also written a first chapter of the book I started working on recently. It's technical and you can have few guesses what it will be about. I am not revealing it yet. I enjoy the idea of writing, but my writing environment hasn't been really a writer's paradise. Should get better with the summer coming and me relocating to the seaside (chair on terrace with a look to the sea, a glass of wine and a laptop...).

A project I was involved for almost a year came to it's scheduled release. Today was a D-Day. The project has some major financial implications which made me really nervous. I was involved with larger scale projects before but finances always make me itchy. I like and expect everything always to go by the book, specially when big money is involved. D-Day went fine, no problems at all.

In the meantime I bought a 24" LCD screen. Paired with my old 19" I now have a 3100 pixels wide desktop. It really makes a difference. Hard to go back now. The model that I bought is Benq G2400w with a cost of around $300, a real bargain that is. Not a bad monitor, certainly for that kind of money. It is quite usable but when funds permit I will shoot for a pro Samsung, maybe even a 30" screen. Could use it for playing full HD movies as well. They are still quite expensive but in a year...

Also got my self a proper messenger bag, it finally arrived from the Australia. My ThinkPad fits perfectly inside, it is a pleasure to carry, really comfortable and functional.

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  1. Feb 4th, 2009 12:28 AM

    Hey! Why you RSS is still for free?:))

  2. May 21st, 2008 4:45 AM

    Ahh I remember I went through my whole laptop bag fetish! It was so much fun looking at all the designer bags. My favourite ones which I ordered were from http://www.myshopping.com.au/PT--201_Laptop_Bags_Oxio__fs_10667_e__

    Or you can order from the company itself which is what I did. Service was exceptional - when the shoulder strap broke, I emailed them and they sent me a new one no questions asked. :)

  3. May 15th, 2008 1:06 AM

    I like that bag. I may have to order one. And I am happy to see I got you something nice in the way of electronics. Or most of it anyway :)

    I am working on a very simple "how to" series based on what we did so that folks with a need for very basic knowledge will have a resource. There is not enough of that on the internet. Steps are often missed because "everybody knows that!"

    So we will see how it goes.


  4. May 15th, 2008 12:56 AM

    If I had unlimited money or was feeling a gadget fever I would go for Samsung 245T. Thing is for that money you can buy 3 Benq's. That's pretty hard to beat value. As I said Benq is not bad, only it is not for professional use.

    Now back to work, work :)

  5. May 14th, 2008 11:59 PM

    wow you really have been busy! I've been looking at the 24" monitors as well. I just haven't quite figured out which one to go with.

  6. May 14th, 2008 11:14 PM

    I've been subscribed to your blog for sometime and I'm pleased to hear about your good news!