Carbon neutral world, a distant dream?

Last few days a lot of talk has been addressed to the process of making a carbon neutral environment. It means an environment that absorbs as much carbon emissions as it produces. Typically a car or fire is carbon emission producing and a forest is carbon emission absorbing (converting it to oxygen).

Atlas, itToday this is a very important challenge. The pollution of our planet has passed alarming levels years ago and we are already using up our safety buffer provided by the nature.

Some countries have declared they are carbon-neutral like Vatican, and some others like Norway declared they will be by year 2030. It is a good step in the right direction, but both Vatican and Norway have been criticized for not being completely honest about it.

Vatican tried to offset pollution of Vatican state territory by planting trees in Hungary (so in total they are carbon neutral). Even as we take this as an argument, what about Vatican properties and establishments throughout the world, which are vast and numerous and a big contributor to planet pollution.

Norway also has a daring plan involving "planting trees" abroad. They are also having hard time parting with their numerous oil rigs in the Atlantic ocean.

Anyhow, at least they are doing something. U.S. on the other hand, as world largest polluter of our planet still hasn't even recognized the Kyoto agreement, let alone taken steps in solving this very serious challenge which will face, if not us, then our children most certainly...


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