Future of Internet for developers

LOGO2.0 part I

I am spending a lot of time recently pondering about the future of Internet looking through the eyes of developers. Without a doubt anyone with web development skills will have bright future in front of them. The markets have only started to unveil. The need for web development grows beyond all boundaries, as Internet becomes the number one market of the future. Facebook is already worth more then Ford and AMD combined, what other proof you need?

The three major components of future Internet development are:

  • Web Development
  • Web Design
  • Internet Marketing & SEO

When I am looking at Web Development two major players are:

  • WordPress as a CMS
  • Facebook Applications

WordPress is currently the best CMS in the world. On top of all it is entirely free. With future updates, growing community of plugin and theme developers it's spot is sealed.

Facebook on the other hand is already a phenomena on it's own. It's growth surpassed all expectations. Expandability based on Facebook applications gave the web developers a chance to monetize the simple apps like FunWall to US$ million-ish incomes per month. Certainly something to start paying attention to.

Freedom fightersAnd I have already taken steps into shaping these ideas into services. I am confident that a serious business can be developed based on these starting points. I'd like to hear your opinion on that.

Btw. if you missed, I added a page yesterday for WordPress ping list recommendations. It is important part of setting your WordPress correctly and I will be adding more useful WordPress resources in the following days.

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