Galérien’s Poeme

I started this day wondering how did one progressive and liberating idea (capitalism) manage to get us so imprisoned and shackled by debt and in the lack of it, ambition?

Is it that the system is broken, or is it that the human nature is such that it would break any system ? Even 70s seem utopian compared to what we have now.

I am wondering how far will it all go...

"Pokle su me prikovali zlizane za ove daski,

Ja nisan već doma videl, ni svoje zagledal majki.

Si l cela mi, kuća bela? Si l mi, majko, prebolela?

 More, more sinje!

Pokle su me zakopali va ovu drevenu rakvu,

Videl nis bora va šume, ni na nebe sunce žarko.

Si l se, drevo, osušilo? Si l se, sunce, ugasilo?

 More, more sinje!

Nogi su mi polomili, strili su mi dšu mladu.

Brižan san ti na ten svete!…Galebi, oj beli tići,

Poletite dole k jugu, ter moju pozdravte majku!

 More, more sinje!

Pest zemlji mi prnesite! Bašelka mi struk darujte!

Suho veslo će procvast mi i duša će uteešit se.

Pak ću onput mirno slušat, ća mi šapćeš kroz galiju,

 More, more, sinje!

Muklo ćeš mi pesan pevat: "Utopit ću brod prokleti;

Duboko ću ja peljat te, mir kade je, hlad i sena;

K dete ću čuvat slepo i zibat te lepo, lepo:

 Trajna, nina, nena!"

(Vladimir Nazor, Galiotova pesan)

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  1. Feb 28th, 2014 5:00 PM

    Human nature will break any system. It has proven that over and over. Without giving oneself over to a higher authority, greed and ambition will trump good. The final battle is ultimately won, but not without tons of loss.

    God's economy is not about getting as much as one can as fast as one can. It is about serving one another. But most people don't recognize God or His authority. They just live for the now, forgetting that there is an eternity and from the movie Gladiator, "What you do in this life, echoes in eternity" - something like that.

    cd :O)

    • Mar 3rd, 2014 11:51 AM

      Like that quote :)

      • Mar 9th, 2014 11:04 PM

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