Geeky speed test, bird downs a fighter jet and cool cars

Let's begin the interesting links with a website that let's you browse through other websites. Strange? Well aggregates news from popular social media sites and lets you view them in a stylish and visually appealing manner.Porsche Carrera GT 2007 Edo Competition

Would you like to test your typing speed in a little geeky speed test? I know you would. My score was 234 points.

I can not get enough time on my hands to start a series about cars which I am very fond of, so here is a site to feast your eyes on in the meantime. It's called Fast Autos and it's featuring my favorite of them all, Porsche Carrera GT.

For the end an interesting event caught on tape. During fighter pilot training, a bird flies into the aircraft engine inlet. The student gets very nervous as you can see from his voice and the instructor tries to calm the situation down until they eventually have to eject.

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  1. Sep 30th, 2010 10:28 AM

    If you want to fly with pilots who have nerves, come ride with us in our jet fighters.

  2. Mar 9th, 2009 10:46 PM

    only got 100 on speed type im such a geek