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I am honored to present you my friend, mr. Stephen Miller. Stephen and I met couple of months ago thanks to the wonders of Internet and exchanged similar thoughts and views on things. I would describe Stephen as a modern day Robinson Crusoe but I'll let him best introduce himself.

Hello friends, my name is Stephen Miller, and I am a rogue intellectual in exile at the moment in New Mexico, doing websites, writing, editorial work, graphics, and music.

Vladimir has invited me to post some news and links from DeepToy and Dvmx from deep in the Southwest of the USA... So here goes.

First, the election... Finally the end of the Bush years is in sight. But who will lead the counter-swing? We have good candidates among the democrats, but there is one that stands out in a special way. American are noticing that Obama has an unmistakable charisma, a kind of historical resonance, and energizes the positive imagination of people in a way this country hasn't seen since John and Robert Kennedy. There is a growing realization that Obama really could be The One. An Obama presidency would open the way for America to go for what it longs for- to rejoin the future, to join the leading edge again, to put the shameful narratives of the last 20 years behind us; to begin fresh with the energy of a new generation. Compared to this kind of once in 50 years excitement, the idea of Bill and Hillary back in the White House is an anti-climactic, even depressing prospect. So I have my fingers crossed for an Obama sweep in the Feb 5 primaries.

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite Deep Toys of late. Electric Sheep, named for Phillip K. Dick's "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?", this is networked graphical mutating intelligence in action. Best, you download it as an animated screensaver and it updates imagery seeds from the networked servers while you idle... and the graphics are THE BEST.

David Byrne and Brian Eno have re-released some new mixes of their seminal album, "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts". And on the web, you can download tracks and resample the songs.

Speaking of samples, here you can download ringtones (and mp3s) of endangered species hoots and calls...

Ultimate Green - world's fastest boat is bio-fueled. Here's The Whale Hunt. What can I say? A deeper kind of toy...

We have posted a series of videos at Ecoversity of a rare appearance by the hermetic Buddhist poet Stephen Levine.

YouTube is pretty cool - it allows anyone to make their own channel, to show a selection of videos which they have created - or which they hunt down and find among the millions posted there. Once you have a channel, you can make playlists, and embed these playlists in your own web-pages, as I did with the Stephen Levine videos. The videos in the playlist will play one after the next, like your own TV channel. (The embedded playlist doesn't contain the code allowing full screen viewing however - you must click through to the YouTube platform to see full screen).

You may enjoy some of the sites I do: here are some - more or less in terms of frequency of current updating:, (currently a reduced version- explore previous issues for the full dose), (music), DeepToy, CobaltSun, TantricPlanet, DesignerUniverse, Mkzdk. SM

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