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Past few weeks I have discovered some very cool things to play with. I don't have so much time on my hands right now so I thought I'd share them and hear some opinions.

Asus EEE PC 900

This very cool device is an ultra-portable laptop with 9" screen, Intel Pentium M 900MHz processor and a 12GB sold state drive. It's very small size makes it ideal to carry around almost all the time, and it comes equipped with wireless connection. It's reasonably small, runs Linux or XP (evan Mac OS X!) and enjoys a very live online (hacking) community. People added touchscreen to it, overclocked it, changed CPU and what else not. A perfect little toy.

HTC Tytn II (aka Kaiser)

I was looking for a replacement for a mobile phone ever since I broke it, and I have researched to two options. One of them is the HTC Tytn II, a very rounded up device which has 3.5G phone, GPS device, Wi-Fi, full keyboard, huge 2.8" screen and all that in just 190 grams.


However there seems to be some problems with drivers with this in other ways perfect device and even an online petition against the manufacturer HTC. So that brings me to my second choice.

Sony Xperia X1

I never had a Sony phone before, but with Xperia Sony is making it hard to resist. This device is hard to miss with it's extremely long features list and a beautiful design. It is more of a phone then HTC Tytn II while not lacking anything. Full keyboard, 3.2MP camera, 3" touchscreen with resolution 800x480, Wi-Fi, aGPS and all that in 145 grams. The only drawback, it's still not available.


Mobile Browser of Choice


There is a real war going on for a next standard of mobile browsers. Most of the phones come with some kind of built-in solution but there are third party browsers that offer so much more. And there are five of them currently fighting for the title of the best. I haven't tried all of them, in fact I tried only Opera Mini so far and I am looking for some comments on the others. Here are the top 5 mobile browsers at this moment.

PHP Framework

For all the web developers out there it is very useful to know about available PHP frameworks. They ease the development of PHP applications, offering common functionalities in nicely rounded-up and expandable packages. There are a bunch of them out and what will become the the "standard" one is not known yet. The two most easiest to use yet powerful enough seem to be:

They both offer easy installation, AJAX support and good documentation to get started.

JavaScript Framework

Today JavaScript has become an important part of every attractive, specially Web 2.0, website. The possibilities of JavaScript are almost endless and it can almost replace Flash today with the amount of amazing effect you can do with it. Again, there is no single framework to point the finger to and call the best. But if you want to start exploring the powerful world of JavaScript enhancements I recommend you start with these three:

Aircraft Design

While certainly a very specific topic it is none the less a very interesting one. I have an idea about a strange aircraft design in my head and luckily I do not have to rely anymore on CAD tools like KATIA to put those ideas to practice.

Today you can use a game, a very sophisticated one, called Microsoft Flight Simulator X, which comes loaded with a powerful tool named GMAX allowing you to experiment with aircraft design in any way you want. Two pairs of wings? One shorter one larger? Futuristic design? Will it fly? To complement GMAX you will need some kind of 3D modeliing software and luckily there are some excellent freeware choices like:


The amazing combination of Microsoft FS, GMAX and 3D modeling tools allow you to really stretch your imagination to limits, while bringing immense joy if your design actually flies.

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  1. Brian Welsh
    Apr 11th, 2008 2:18 PM

    I love the ASUS EEE gadget, thanks for sharing!