How to Improve Page Rank? Linking is the Key!

Page Rank is certainly one of the most important algorithms existing today. It is used by Google to assign a value to each page on the Internet, measuring importance or influence of it's content. In order to improve it you need to understand how it works.

Every time a page is linked to, it receives a certain amount of Page Rank, depending on how much giving page has accumulated. Also every time a page links to another one, it loses certain amount of page rank, depending on how many outgoing links are there.

In other words, page rank flows from page to page, like a juice flowing from glass to glass. At the end, it tends to accumulate on pages which have more incoming links, carrying more Page Rank with them. The process is displayed in the following image, courtesy of Wikipedia.

Why still Page Rank?

Page Rank is a virtual value meaning nothing until you put it into the context of search engine results.

Higher Page Rank pages will have tendency to rank better in the search engine results provided they are still optimized for the keywords you are searching for. Visitors coming from search engines are most praised kind of visitors because they are generally interested in what you have to say (or sell, if you look at it commercially; they also cost nothing).

How do I improve Page Rank?

The most obvious solution will be to get as many incoming links as you can, while shutting down your site and not linking to anyone else. Wikipedia is one example of such closed system, as every outgoing link on WikiPedia is 'nofollow'.

However things are not as easy, as Google has tweaked their algorithm over the years and in effort to fight those kind of Page Rank conservation they have probably invented numerous algorithms to detect and even punish such sites.

Other 'white hat' techniques like 'page rank sculpting' allow you to flow the page rank juice to the areas of your site where you want them most.

New tool on the horizon

Page rank juice is hard to control and up to now only the experts could configure the page rank flow on your site.

Thank to a new tool I am happy to announce now, everyone will be able to get instant Page Rank Juice information for any page. This information will in turn allow you to understand where is your page rank flowing and what you can do to preserve it and channel it to areas you need it most.

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  1. Oct 26th, 2012 10:21 PM

    Excellent post here, the more incoming links you have to your website and webpages the higher the PageRank of your website and webpages will generally be!