Is it game over?

The computer generation of 1970's and 1980's to which I belong, has always been different in respect of what music they like, what places they like and of course the way they like their computers.

We mostly started out early playing a lot of video games, then learning a thing or two about computers and finally following one of the big trends in IT industry.

I have a question for those more experienced the me.

game over t shirt ?

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  1. Aug 9th, 2008 8:53 AM

    lol Jeff.. but I wonder what will you do once Powerbook is gone :) Relationships seem to be a series of compromises.

  2. Aug 8th, 2008 9:31 PM

    I hear what you're saying, and though it might be splitting hairs a bit, but I tend towards reticence when people talk about having knowledge of "what's to come," I prefer to visualize the situation, as not metaphorically burying my head in the sand, and pretending people won't be tempted to utilize my arse as a bicycle rack.

    Even if my ares were to survive such humiliates sans violation, I have yet to get the emotional feedback I want from the times when I invariably wound up encased in the beach head first, to continue the metaphor.

    I don't buy into all this flutter about "relationships," either, at least from within the context they often present themselves, which is that there is some mythical beast beast between man and women, that practically has a mind of it own, and needs to be tenderly managed, else it will consume with rollicking fire, all that stand its wake, and of course, the only people qualified to manage the mighty invisible monster, are our loving female partners.

    This is not to say that people can't or shouldn't commit some manner of behavior, and or action, and or lack thereof, to someone they feel emotionally attached to. I don't think I feel I am quite prepared to throw the out the 'baby with the bathe water,' pertaining to the notion of 'the nuclear family' quite yet. (Interesting choice of metaphor, no?) And perhaps somewhat ironic, from a perspective of resource utilization, and management.

    In that light, the thing about "relationships," and "states of mind," that 'present themselves,' as an oddity, at least for me, are that while it seems unreasonable to expect that I would have the same state of mind over and over again, listening to the same song, as an example, as my experience surrounding it, and relating to it have changed, as if to say, even if the world all around it could be some how held in a "static," position, unless I too were to be held free of the eventual decay that grips us mere mortals, my expectations "should," in no way be held constant, as, at the very least, I would be the one changing; yet for many, it seems perfectly reasonable to hold fast to the idea, that they should "expect to receive," the same emotional episodes, as a result of time spent with another person, who themselves are changing along the way.

    On the other hand, I often remind myself, or as some might say "find myself reminded," of a story I picked up along the way, about a very rich man, who had married his 100th wife, and right after he crossed the threshold, he declared to her that all of his riches were now theirs', not his, EXCEPT one chest that was in the closet of their master bedroom, well years went by, and they lived quite happily, however, every now and then, the "not knowing," at what was in that chest, itched at her, and as more time went on, she came to dwell on the chest, more and more, and finally some dark day, years later, she became utterly consumed, raced into the closet, to 'just take a peek,' and much to her horror, she discovered the bones and ash of his previous 99 wives, soon to be followed by the sound of a whetting stone, forming the leading edge, on her husband's axe.

    I guess, that's my way of saying good luck with the fat 16

    Ironically I jumped from a Commodore 64 to a Pentium 64, and while I can appreciate the "lost magic," I know enough about solder points not to want to gamble my financial future on them, and I appreciate the capacity I get from current technologies.

    I think my focus has always been the interaction though, dvorak tying instead of qwerty, and of course now, I'm all fat (no pun intended) and sassy about the multi-touch display capacities. Time to fire up the power tools, and learn a thing or two about programming.

  3. Aug 8th, 2008 2:29 PM

    Well, the best response I have for "game over" is that all relationships have a beginning and an end. I thought I would never stop using my PowerBook 180 but I did. Music is not so much a relationship but a state of mind. I have a great relationship with my Fender Stratocaster because of the state of mind it puts me in.

    Having a realistic view of what is ahead when we make important choices will usually define the enjoyment of those choices and the freedom to choose the best lifestyle for ourselves and our families.

    About that PowerBook 180... I wasn't able to part with it when it still had some value and now I am stuck with it. Once a year I boot it up and relive its glory. I used to do the same with my 8086 Leading Edge PC until it stopped booting.

    Everything requires maintenance. At some point the maintenance for a state of mind or relationship just doesn't give back what it use to. Instead it just becomes a greater time suck and trust me here... time is everything. But if you really love that state of mind or that relationship it is worth the time and the effort.

    Recently I partitioned a FAT16 on one of my new PC's. I am going to pull all the data off my Leading Edge PC and then properly dispose of it. When my wife sees that old PC is gone, she will most likely not ask me to do anything for her for a few days. When I need to go to a concert with an old drinking buddy my wife can't stand I will do the same with the PowerBook 180.

  4. Aug 8th, 2008 3:55 AM

    Not sure if your question is strictly about computing, but I know you won't find me on the left side of that equation, at least not without a formidable pre-marital contract, to include circumstances involving whatever kids might come out of the equation. Or as an ex-lover once put it, "Whenever push comes to shove, and I need a new couch, or something, I just call Daddy, (an attorney) and he just tells my ex husband we are thinking of revisting the custody arrangment; he loves his kids, just as much as I do, so it's no problem."

  5. Jul 16th, 2008 12:39 PM

    No way! I am from the same generation Vladimir! It will never be over..... Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix & CCR live on - along with PHP & MYSQL.