Langedrag Nature Park Fairy Tale

Today I watched a wonderful TV show by Jovan Memedovic about an animal park in Norway, called Langedrag. Knowing how fast information about beautiful places like this get forgotten to normal daily news I decided to preserve it and share it. I have to say, the blog is really useful place to do so. I actually feel quite good about having one now.

Langedrag animal aprk

Animals and humans in harmony

I am quite touched every time when I see animals and humans living in harmony. It's not an everyday sight specially for those of used to living in the cities. Langedrag is a fairy tale place where wild animals live in harmony with humans. Wolves, arctic foxes, moose and wild goats share the same habitat with a handful of people who dedicated their lives to show that the human race did not forget to appreciate their roots. I feel deep admiration for them and their unselfish work.

Here is the Langedrag site. You can send them a message to support their work.

Here is link to another Langedrag video that I recommend you to watch.

If you sometimes feel the call of the wild, watch this beautiful video to remember why.

It is still not late for us to appreciate the nature.

It is still not late for us to learn to love our planet...

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  1. J.Gunn
    Feb 18th, 2009 1:42 PM

    I have had the pleasure of visiting this wildlife park during the winter. It is a truly fantastic place. We were able to see rare animals in their natural enviroment, we hand fed arctic foxes (I had never seen an actual arctic fox before let alone fed one).
    The wolf talk was amazing, Tuva(the wolf lady as my son called her)was in with the wolves showing us wolf facial signals, at one point the young male wolf showed signs of aggression to her and so she jumped on top of him baring her teeth!!
    I would recommend this trip to anyone who visits Norway, even the trip to the park was great our guide and driver stopped to show us wild moose and the snow was so thick we had to walk up the hill to the park which all added to the fun.

  2. Leonid
    Dec 18th, 2007 4:15 PM

    This is truly a wonderful story.