ManageWP gets more powerful is currently managing over 6,000 blogs and we are we are happy to announce another major update today.

What's new?

  1. Loading blog stats is now asynchronous which dramatically improves dashboard loading time especially for those of you who manage 100 blogs.
  2. Interface has also been restyled for a better user experience. It is snappier to use and we made special effort to make it even more closer to the familiar WordPress interface
  3. Plugin and theme upgrades, as well as bulk install features have been completely rewritten to ensure better compatibility
  4. Fixed reported issues with backup and restore feature


1) We improved support for websites requiring FTP permissions. All you need to do is add few lines in your wp-config.php file on these sites. Read more at

2) Some users reported problems with adding sites to their dashboard. We tracked this to security feature of some hosts. Read more at

With the following updates we are going to include blogroll and user management, improve image handling on post publishing and clone site feature.

Also we will be offering self hosted version very soon.

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  1. Denis
    Feb 23rd, 2011 1:21 PM

    Wonderful project, do you plan on offering it as a self-hosted version as I read ?
    I'd be interested in connection options more secure than standard FTP but your links on SSH upgrades from
    gives the home of the company that mentioned it, I could find no related info ?

    Best regards.