Organic Search Optimization Strategy for 2011

In hist most recent video, Matt Cutts from Google answered the following question "If you were an SEO of a large company, what would you include in your 2011 strategy?"

Here is the short summary.

1. Website Optimization

Page loading time is a factor in Google rankings. Studies show it also affects visitor behavior on the site (faster site = more sales).

If you use WordPress, I wrote an extensive guide on WordPress Optimization which also covers general website optimization. Also check out browser tools for on page optimization like  YSlow, PageSpeed and SEO Doctor.

2. Internal linking

Use relevant keywords for internal linking. Be consistent with internal linking, and do not lose opportunities. Check your links for 404 errors.

If you use WordPress, SEO Smart Links (premium version) will help. Also check out Broken link checker plugin.

3. Social Media Marketing

It is not Search Engine Optimization vs Social Media Marketing - the two work in synergy. Spreading good content on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon creates natural link building possibilities.

Are you following the trends?

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  1. Jun 23rd, 2011 2:13 AM

    cute post. keep in mind that Matt cutts takes everyone's attention to where google wants it to be.
    i can tell that for now i don't see any major changes in quality.

    especially the link building strategies that are being used have been hit by the new PANDA algorithm.

    in Israel the situation actually got worst.

    i completely agree with all the needs to on page factors. i thinks that Google got to pay more attention to other ranking factors this year.

    hopefully in our small country too.

  2. Apr 2nd, 2011 6:17 PM

    thank you..nice information about SEO. can you give me advice for increasing the visitor..??

  3. Apr 2nd, 2011 11:46 AM

    Hi Vladimir
    Nice blog you have here.
    Always to hear the SEO tips from Google them self even if they hold back on some information’s.

  4. Mar 29th, 2011 9:26 AM

    i think you should share more tips about seo in 2011

  5. Mar 18th, 2011 11:28 AM

    I'm always on the lookout for new info on SEO, it's such a critical point in my business ! and it's constantly developing, so good job !

  6. Mar 15th, 2011 12:25 PM

    We have to learn more and more about SEO. Never enough. I like your blog very much.

  7. Mar 15th, 2011 2:41 AM

    This is really good stuff. Would you know if there are some of these plugins and software for Blogger also? Until my business grows I'll be using that platform. Eventually I will switch to WordPress.