To the Moon and back

Picture of MoonAlmost 40 years have passed since the mankind made it's first steps on the Moon. You probably know the names of astronauts that were in the first mission to the Moon, but you probably do not know about tremendous effort and courage first space pioneers undertook for humanity's most proudest moment. I want to say that we, the younger generations, appreciate what they have done and carry it with pride in our hearts. There have not been a greater accomplishment in recent human history. This is a story about them.

How it all begun

After Gagarin and Shepherd made first space flights in the early sixties, a strong determination was born to visit the Moon. The goal was the biggest of all. There is nothing you can compare it to really in recent history, this was almost unimaginable.

Now let's go back 40 years in time to understand it better. We are dealing with age of cultural transformation of America, war in Vietnam and computer technology in it's roots. The whole processing power of all computers in the world at that time would easily be matched by one internet cafe today. The Apollo mission computer had 4 Kilobytes of RAM and 2 MHz clock speed. Your digital watch today is 10 times more powerful then what the astronauts used to get to the Moon. But it's not the tool that matters, it's the heart and they had a huge heart, so brave and daring. Not only the astronauts but all the people who participated in space program on both sides.

The first flight

The first manned flight to go around the Moon was mission Apollo 8. They orbited just 60 miles above the surface. They were also the first human beings ever to see "the jewel of the Earth hanging in the blackness of the space". The Earth was so small you could cover it with a thumb, making all wars, worries and everyday problems disappear in an instance. They happened to be around the Moon on Christmas 1968 and sent a touching message to the world.

Landing on the Moon

As you all know, first landing was made by the crew of Apollo 11, in July 1969. A total of three attempts were scheduled that year to make sure a landing is made by the end of decade. President Nixon had a previously recorded a speech in case they did not make it.

The most critical problem in the mission occurred when the lunar module separated from the command module and started decent to the Moon. On-board computer suddenly reported "Program Alarm 1202", which meant it was overloaded with too much data. Remember how that computer had only 4 Kilobytes of RAM? The page you are looking at has around 100 Kilobytes of information. But they dismissed the problem and decided that the landing was possible on manual controls. And they made it.

Five more Apollo missions landed on the Moon after them and safely got back home. Total of 24 incredibly brave people experienced being in the shadow of the Moon.

This is the footage of Apollo 12 landing and you can see how quickly astronauts accepted the idea of landing on the Moon and actually had some fun while doing it.

The conspiracy theory

I do not even want to argue if they have been there. I believe they did.

But I believe there is a conspiracy. And it is happening right now in front of our eyes. How is it possible that 24 guys visited the Moon 40 years ago with nothing more then a fork and a knife, and we can not even freely fly on the airplanes today? What has happened with prosperity and advancement of mankind we hear about everyday?

I think the more primitive tools we have as a mankind, the more spectacular deeds we make. It takes heart and soul to create. Look at the Pyramids. Climb the Eiffel tower. It is so spectacular that I am on the edge of not believing we, the humans, did it. I look around me now in the world I live, and it is end of Year 2007. I do not see this creativity. I do not see this inspiration. All I see are wars, poverty, huge corporations, wasting of Earth's resources and dying of a good Man.

Picture of Earth from Moon

And all of that astronauts that visited the Moon say the biggest thrill, the biggest joy, was to come back home. We are living in the garden of Eden, but we do not seem to be aware of it.

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  1. Dec 30th, 2007 4:31 PM

    Thanks for a really nice insight Jim, I am really glad that someone from across the river of the launch site actually visited and wrote their story here. Space program is big inspiration for me and for the whole world. If USA would return to spending money on projects like that, the whole world would follow. If you would like to make a longer follow up about the space era I invite you to do so and I will publish it here.

  2. Jim Persinger
    Dec 30th, 2007 8:30 AM

    I enjoyed your Subject on the Moon Landing,And as you know we are going back to the Moon,In 2010 The Space shuttles are to be Retired,Then a 5 year Void of space travel will begin,I live Directly across the river from the VAB And Kennedy Space Center,I have lived here for the last 35 years or so,And rest Assured ,they are sending up Rockets And the Moon Shot was no Fake,I saw Many Saturn 5,s go up ,While the space shuttle is an awesome launch,I still Miss the launch of the Saturn 5 ,talk about spectacular,And a night launch,rare but awesome ,lights up the whole area on the beach .For anyone to doubt that we went to the Moon is ignorant,I know far to many who worked on the program,with around 15,000 workers there now and back then I figure also a large amount of people locally employed working out at the cape,that would have been one heck of secret to keep localy .Soon our area will go back to the times of a major depression we suffered in the 70,s when apollo shut down and we were Jobless here for a longtime,Thats when everyone leaves and the only ones that stay are the real Citizens of the space coast.Life will be much slower than it is now and more pleasant,And People that visit will drive around and wonder again why are all these highways here? no one drives on them ,engineers will be working at McDonalds again,and the average person will only have a job at the local grocer because they knew someone,% years after the shuttle shut down the enocomic loop of the Space Coast will start up again With the New Return to the Moon program,And all of the people will slowly come back to wake up our sleepy paradise again for the next 15 or 20 years,As they work to put our men back on the Moon,For all of you who think going to the moon was faked,yea Right Thats rediclious and you are so out of touch ,And when it all starts back up again,just move here and experience it for yourself,Then tell me it was a fake.