Two Trello addons you should try

 ManageWP in Trello

We use Trello in the ManageWP development extensively. If you don't know what is it all about, read how we use Trello to get an idea how powerful it is.

There are two Trello gems that I'd like to share. These are unofficial addons that provide an additional value to the already fantastic tool.

Trello Bookmarklet

If you are browsing a page and you just had an idea for your product, use the Trello Bookmarklet to turn this page into a Trello card on a predefined board and list with a single click .

This even works with emails in your Gmail. For example if you want to follow up on an email you just sent or somebody sent you an idea, Trello Bookmarklet with create a card with the email subject and the link to the exact email in your mailbox.

Printable Index Cards

Use the Trello card bookmarklet to create a printable A4 report containing your Trello cards which you can cut and use.

Index cards

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  1. Apr 3rd, 2013 5:34 PM

    What a coincidence! I didn't even know Trello existed until a couple days ago and I took a look at it. I currently use Basecamp for our project management. It isn't perfect but it works for us. I still use "Basecamp Classic" and haven't switched to the new Basecamp. The new Basecamp is just lacking in too many things.

    So my question is...have you used Basecamp and if so how would you compare it to Trello?

  2. Apr 3rd, 2013 2:40 PM

    Thanks for sharing Vladimir,

    I haven't heard about trello before so I'm interested in learning more.

    So far I've been sending my self emails and stuff like that I'm thinking it's time for a more sophisticated system.