Upload of videos to YouTube

I went flying today, and although I managed to stay only half an hour in the air, I managed to shoot a nice video of the flight.

I still have it on my phone though (it's a 640x480 video that Nikoa 6233 allows) but when I think of the process I need to do in order to show it to the world I quickly get disheartened.

  1. I need to copy the video from the phone to my computer, which involves taking the SD card out and finding a card reader to read the data - 5 mins
  2. The I need to edit the video a little bit using Windows Movie Maker (I don't know of any other software) to insert a prologue and maybe some music - 25 mins
  3. The I need to upload the video to youtube - 10 mins

So that's about 40minutes of work just to show a short clip to the world.

There must be an another way - please enlighten me!

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  1. ashok
    Nov 12th, 2010 3:18 PM

    i would like to become a master in wordpress can you help me how

    • Nov 12th, 2010 3:19 PM

      Do you mean like Ninja master ?