George Galloway and Dennis Kucinich

Did the word "Democracy" lost it's meaning today? What started as an idea to give the power to the people, today forms as an idea to take away all the power from the people.

Democracy is having troubles growing in today's world. There is nothing wrong with the soil, but as soon as a fertile patch of Democracy grows somewhere, someone's military foot stomps on it. And stays there, just in case.

What endless preaching about Democracy has brought us, is a world of carefully executed double standards politics. Democracy become an excuse to create "Democratic" Dictatorships.

In such an ill-minded and politically polluted world I am always glad to find people with fresh ideas, whose political thought goes out of the cultural and media box.

I am glad that I found a British politician who thinks differently and has the guts to say it. His name is George Galloway and is a MP in British Parliament. Listen to what he has to say.

Second politician with his head surprisingly clear for an American presidential candidate is Dennis Kucinich, coming from Slavic roots judging by his surname. I was pleasantly surprised listening to how he sees America today.

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