WordPress Plugin Developer Tips

wpI posted an article on Mashable about top 10 tips every WordPlugin Developer should know about.

  1. Speed up development using the Ubiquity Firefox add-on
  2. Need a plugin idea? Use the official Ideas forum
  3. Use the WordPress Plugin Directory
  4. Invest time in making a proper readme.txt file
  5. Promote Your Plugin
  6. Enhance plugin security by using nonces
  7. Mind your database queries
  8. Don’t forget the optimization
  9. Properly load JavaScript with wp_enqueue_script
  10. How to handle freelance work

Read the full article here.

I'd gladly add 11. Localization but I am so terribly ashamed I don't localize plugin every time that it hurts :)

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  1. Mar 27th, 2009 11:18 PM

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