WordPress Plugins

Premium Plugins

SEO/Performance Plugins

Backend/Administration Plugins

  • WP Quick Deploy - Pick your favorite plugins and install them at once without hassle
  • Insights - Most powerful addition to blog posting
  • Smart Youtube - Easily insert YouTube videos in posts and RSS feeds.
  • What should we write about next - Allows your users to quickly leave feedback at the end of your posts
  • Plugin Central - Automatically install and update WordPress plugins
  • Theme Test Drive - Safely test drive any theme while visitors use the default one.
  • Pretty Theme Files - Organize the theme files in a practical manner
  • Navbar - Adds a handy navigation bar to organize your WordPress blog shortcuts
  • Show Me Options - Shows you a link to the newly activated plugin’s options page.
  • WP Digg This - Selectively adds Digg button to your posts.

Frontend/user experience Plugins

  • Snazzy Archives - Show your archives in a cool unusual way
  • WP Wall - Readers can add a quick comment and the comment will appear in the sidebar immediately.
  • Live Blogroll - Shows a number of 'recent posts' for each link in your Blogroll using Ajax.
  • WP Figlet - Shows ASCII art in your posts and page HTML source
  • Category Search - Add category names to search results
  • Entrecard Me! - Allows you to use Entrecard widget on your blog.

WordPress Themes

I have also released  the following WordPress themes.

If you have an idea for an interesting WordPress plugin leave a comment here.

If you have a need for professional WordPress development service feel free to contact me.


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    Just enter your WP URL on the Bablic.com homepage and select the language you want to add. It starts off with machine translation and you can manually edit all of the elements you see (text, images, css, error msgs, forms, etc) simply by right-clicking on them. Once you're happy with the results just click on Publish and that's it!

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