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The whole concept behind the plugin is presented in Presenting SEO Super Comments Concept which I suggest reading.

For each user comment we will create a new dynamic page on the blog, holding the actual comment information. This page will not actually exist in WordPress database, but we will create it dynamically using a WordPress plugin.

What we instantly get in this way is big jump in site's index visible to search engines. This is possible because blog comments are crawl-able, index-able and most importantly rank-able content. Also meaning you will start to get search engine traffic for the context of the comment.

The old author link in the comments will now lead to the newly generated page. Author's URL will still be displayed (and we can do-follow it now as it will be only one external link on the page).

The concept relies around optimizing the target page using title and H1 tag using the context of the comment. So basically we will take the excerpt of the comment and use it to create the page title and H1 tag and in the body we will old the content of the comment (plus some more goodies, read on).

Since now all comments normally drain page rank even when nofollowed (bad for your site) the whole idea of using them to generate links back to your site instead and get free indexable content along the way, looks just much more appealing.

To spice things up, the dynamic comment page concept additionally features:

  • List of author's other comments on the post are presented (good value for the visitor, more content)
  • List of author's other comments on the blog (even more content, chance to interlink to your other posts, more value to the visitor)
  • Author url links are do-followed (option, but why not?)
  • Extra few clicks generated will increase your pageviews, lower the bounce rate and increase any CPM advertising revenue
  • I have also created a mod for hugely popular XML sitemaps plugin to include all the new dynamic comment pages into your sitemap, so that the search engines can index the pages more quickly. Download the modified files here and replace them in the plugin folder (works for plugin version 3.1.2, experts only!)



Installation & Usage

  1. Upload the whole plugin folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  2. Go to the Plugins page and activate the plugin.
  3. Use the Options page to change your options
  4. That is all. You can check your posts for new links.

New from version 0.6

I added the option to specify 'friendly' websites that have their links intact, and also dofollowed.

This adds you the possibility to send some of your high ranking page PR juice to a friendly site.


The concept behind SEO Super Comments is experimental. You are using the plugin on your own responsibility.

Need  WordPress SEO Expert? Feel free to contact me.


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