WP Wall – WordPress Guestbook Plugin

WP Wall is a "Wall" widget that appears in your blog's side bar. Readers can add a quick comment about the blog as a whole, and the comment will appear in the sidebar immediately (without reloading the page).

All comments are internally handled by WordPress so that means you have normal comment moderation, SPAM protection and new comment notification.

WP Wall is fully customizable with a CSS file and included graphics.

WP Wall features:

  • Global commenting "Wall"
  • Comments are handled entirely by WordPress
  • RSS Feed for the Wall
  • Smilies
  • Instant delete for admin
  • Navigation through pages
  • Interactive Wall: It can automatically refresh turning into a chat


Installation & Usage

1. Upload the whole plugin folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
2. Go to the Plugins page and activate the plugin.
3. Use the Options page to change your options
4. Add the widget to your sidebar

5. Optionally add WP Wall recent comments to your sidebar. This will filter out wall comments from appearing on recent comments list

WP Wall Admin


How does it work?

It creates a draft page in your blog under which all comments are stored.

What if I don't use widgets, how do I code this to appear in the sidebar?

Just put this code somewhere in your theme template, probably sidebar.php

<?php  if (function_exists('WPWall_Widget')) WPWall_Widget(); ?>

How does it combat SPAM ?

The same way your usual blog comments work. You can enable comment moderation. Or you can install one of the spam blocking plugins like Akismet.

How to have fixed height and a scrollbar for multiple comments?

Open up wp-wall.css and look for #wallcomments. You should add something like height:200px;. This will give it fixed height. Then increase the number of comments in the settings to 10-15.

How do I change it into a shoutbox/chat?

Just set the refresh time to 5 seconds in the WP Wall options. The Wall becomes a chat-box :)

Performance issues with hosting/server

Be careful with setting interactive chat option. On busy sites this can cause overload of server resources. Try increase the refresh time above 10 seconds or disable this option by setting 0.

An error occurred, please notify the administrator

If you have this problem, change the file permissions of the files in the wp wall directory to 755.

How can I enable smilies?

WP Wall can show smilies using built in WordPress functionality if you enable it in your administration panel (Settings-> Writing-> Convert emoticons...). You can find more information about using smilies here .

Is it possible to display a “Wall-Archive” Page to show all comments?

Actually you will find WP Wall in your draft pages. Just edit it to your liking and - publish it! All comments will appear at the end of the page as usual.
How do I add a border around the comment wall?

Add this to #wallcomments section of css file:

border: 1px solid #cccccc;
padding 7px;

How did you solve the problem with the commenter's email address?

The plugin does not require one to enter their email address.

What's new

- Fixed bug with if the blog was not in root directory (thanks Enrico Rossomando)
- Added a special recent comments widget which will not display Wall comments (thanks Enrico Rossomando!)
- Tested in 2.8

You can also visit my other WordPress Plugins.

If you are looking for WordPress Developer, feel free to contact me.


  1. Apr 24th, 2014 11:36 AM

    How does one turn off the email notifications? There doesn't seem to be an option
    Also it would be good if there were some sound notifications

  2. Andreas
    Apr 19th, 2014 9:47 AM

    Hello, your Plugin shows warnings, if WP is on Debug-Mode.

    Notice: register_sidebar_widget ist seit Version 2.8 veraltet! Benutze stattdessen wp_register_sidebar_widget(). in .../functions.php on line 3078

    Notice: register_widget_control ist seit Version 2.8 veraltet! Benutze stattdessen wp_register_widget_control(). in .../functions.php on line 3078

    Notice: register_sidebar_widget ist seit Version 2.8 veraltet! Benutze stattdessen wp_register_sidebar_widget(). in .../functions.php on line 3078

    Notice: register_widget_control ist seit Version 2.8 veraltet! Benutze stattdessen wp_register_widget_control(). in .../functions.php on line 3078

    ... in the widget area...
    Notice: clean_url ist seit Version 3.0 veraltet! Benutze stattdessen esc_url(). in .../functions.php on line 3078

    Notice: get_userdatabylogin ist seit Version 3.3 veraltet! Benutze stattdessen get_user_by('login'). .../functions.php on line 3078

    Warning: Illegal string offset 'administrator' in .../wp-content/plugins/wp-wall/wp-wall.php on line 245

    Notice: Uninitialized string offset: 0 in .../wp-content/plugins/wp-wall/wp-wall.php on line 245

  3. Palmdoc
    Apr 19th, 2014 2:40 AM

    Is it possible for the plugin to support the popular Monalisa emoticons rather than the default WordPress ones? Thanks
    It works on the Chat page but not sidebar at the moment

  4. qwerty
    Apr 10th, 2014 9:47 PM

    Testing 123 Testing 123 Testing 123 Testing 123 Testing 123 Testing 123 Testing 123 Testing 123

  5. konfiteor
    Feb 13th, 2014 12:15 PM

    Help because it really does not work adding comments by guests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    An error occurred, please notify the administrator.

  6. Sep 20th, 2013 7:27 AM

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  7. Per
    May 27th, 2013 2:31 PM

    Is it possible to get multiple WP Walls on the same website? If it is, how can I do it?

  8. Apr 22nd, 2013 6:05 AM

    WP Wall – WordPress Guestbook Plugin | Prelovac.com

  9. ROB
    Feb 9th, 2013 7:32 PM


    If a registered user leave a comment I get that Error: Warning: Illegal string offset 'administrator' in (...) wp-content/plugins/wp-wall/wp-wall.php on line 245

    Can somebody help me to solve this problem?

  10. tim nauman
    Feb 7th, 2013 12:32 AM

    Hello, nice plugin! was wondering if I could use the widget as a page?

    if so, how would I go about this?



    • fdsdf
      Sep 18th, 2014 8:22 PM

      thanks a lot for share this pluning its soo good

  11. Jan 19th, 2013 6:38 PM

    An error occurred, please notify the administrator

    All the files permissions in the WP Wall directory are on 755. But that doesn't run. Why ?...

    Thanks !


  12. Jan 15th, 2013 4:00 PM

    very nice plugin info. many thanks for sharing this.

  13. Hermann Albersmann
    Oct 18th, 2012 11:31 PM

    Hallo, I want to use the WP-Wall in my (in construction) Homepage. It works great. But I need help: I try to use a captcha plugin. This works with the blog-comments, also with the wp-wall guestbook-comment. But it doesn't work with the wp-wall sidebar-widget-comment. Have I to do something special?
    Thank You very much! Hermann

  14. rahul
    Jul 25th, 2012 3:22 PM

    How can i populate a popup box on click of "Leave a reply text" with this plugin.
    Any other WordPress Comment plugin that popup a comment box on click of Image or button or text

    thnaks in advance

  15. Jun 9th, 2012 9:41 PM

    Can you add a gravatar image to the plugin?

  16. Tony
    Apr 2nd, 2012 5:12 PM

    How can I translate the widget in another language?

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